Having trouble with RezQuote? Here are some fixes for common problems.

We intend to make this page more robust, but this should help some people through common RezQuote problems in the mean time.

Microsoft released a patch (in April 2018) for Windows 10 that disables support for SMBv1 (Version 1803). This will prevent most of our software from being able to communicate with the Internet if you are running it from a network share. You may receive errors like 'Unable to communicate with server' or 'Socket Error'. If your server supports SMBv2 or 3, that should resolve the issue, however many old versions of Windows do not support SMBv2 or 3. Microsoft is working on allowing you to enable this feature again, but that currently does not work - they say it should be available by the end of June. Until then, if you are running a network install of any of our software (and your server doesn't support SMBv2 or 3), you should disable Windows 10 patching by going to SETTINGS > UPDATE & SECURITY > ADVANCED OPTIONS > PAUSE UPDATES

UPDATE: This problem has been resolved by Windows 10 update KB4284848 released June 26th, 2018. You will need to re-enable SMB 1.0 in Windows 10 if your server doesn't support SMB 2 or 3. You can re-enable this via the 'Turn Windows Features on or off' feature in the control panel.

OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. OLE object is being ignored. REZNOR.OCX is not registered. Right Click your RezPro/RezQuote icon and pick [Run as Admin]. If you cannot do this, have your IT department register the OCX manually.

Looks like the pricing data in your copy of RezQuote is obsolete. There are two things you can do to try and fix this problem.

The first is to run the Emergency Patcher.

If this doesn’t solve the problem you’ll need to reinstall RezQuote.

RezQuote needs to be closed while you do this. This can normally be found in your windows Start menu right next to the RezQuote icon. If you cannot find it there, you can navigate to the place RezQuote is installed (normally C:\RezQuote\) and run DPATCH.EXE. Answer Yes/Okay/Continue to all messages and once it’s complete, RezQuote should be updated and ready to use.

Did you get Error connecting with SSL?

You have an old version of the emergency patcher. This was updated when we moved servers back in 2015, but for some reason your version never got updated.

Manually update RezQuote - Please only follow these directions if you are comfortable with the directions. Download COMUPD.ZIP. Unzip and place the contained files (TELECOMM.DLL, REZNOR.OCX, and DPATCH.EXE) in the RezQuote folder. These files will already exist and will need to be overwritten. Some computer setups will not allow you to replace these files. If that is the case for you, please delete the existing files first, then save the files from the download in to the RezQuote directory.

You can find this under DOWNLOADS > SOFTWARE (you will need to be logged in to see the download). When you uninstall RezQuote it leaves some files behind on your hard drive (which includes all of your quotes and the activation key). As long as you install back to the same location, you shouldn’t lose any data or have to re-activate RezQuote.

This is done through your Reznor Agent. Please contact them, they'll need the ID RezQuote gives you. Activation must happen on the same day the key is generated. Be mindful of characters that are similar such as the number one and the lower case L.

This is the common crash header. If you don't see the problem listed here then you'll probably need to email us! The CODE, ERROR, MODULE, LINE values are important as is what you were trying to do when you encountered the error.

1File: (PATH)\wdata\ec_model.dbf does not existWDATA Update
41Memo File: (PATH)\wdata\esmlit.fpt is missing or is invalid.WDATA Update
1001Feature not availableThis is almost always when the program is obsolete
1925Unknown member ZIPPYREZNOR.OCX is not registered. Right Click your RezPro/RezQuote icon and pick [Run as Admin]. If you cannot do this, have your IT department register the OCX manually.
9999Problem with REZNOR.CFG & REPCODES.DBFBad activation. Delete the files DATA\MACINE.CFG and DATA\REZNOR.CFG and retry activation.

This problem has been corrected in an update, please update RezQuote twice in a row (once to get the new TELECOMM.EXE and a second to get the EC_MODEL file).

If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can use the old instructions below:

Download WDATA.ZIP, unzip the file, and put the contents in to the RezQuote\WDATA folder (WDATA, not DATA)

You may need your IT support staff to assist with this (due to computer security settings).

Can't find the answer to the problem you are facing here? Email us at pcsupport@nortek.com - please list specifically what you have done as if you report a problem already listed here (and didn't say you tried this solution), we're likely to send the same solution back. Feel free to attach screen shots of the error messages to the email too!