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Reznor is dedicated to providing effective, value-conscious solutions to your Heating Ventilation and Cooling needs.

1988 - Reznor HVAC Brand 100 Year Anniversary Video

Created in 1988, this video celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Reznor HVAC equipment brand - founded in 1888 by George Reznor in Mercer, PA.

Reznor 1930s Factory Video

This film was taken in the early 1930s to show the "modern" Reznor manufacturing facility.


Reznor's X duct furnaces are designed to provide 80% thermal efficiency for indoor application with gravity venting.  They are certified for use with natural or propane gas, as specified, in sizes from 75,000 through 400,000 BTUH input.

These models are used as heating components in heating, heating/cooling or makeup air systems and require a separate blower system for air delivery.  The furnace has a Thermocore aluminized steel heat exchanger with venturi-design tubes.  The die-formed burners are of aluminized steel and include flared ports with a stainless steel insert.  The model X furnace is approved for a temperature rise range of 50F to 90F and includes "finger-baffles" for proper air distribution at these lower air volumes.

Easy field conversion is possible for lower temperature rise, higher airflow applications. Check the Installation Manual with unit to determine if your application requires this. To convert the funace for higher airflow, remove air baffles per installation instruction manual.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Airflow Range ( CFM )

Heating Efficiency ( Gross )


  • Orifices for natural gas
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger
  • Aluminized steel burners with stainless steel insert
  • 120-volt supply voltage
  • 24 volt control voltage transformer
  • Fan Control
  • High limit safety cutout
  • Single-stage combination gas valve (see note 1)
  • Side access for burners and controls (left side facing air stream)
  • Horizontal or vertical flue discharge
  • Manual match-lit pilot
  • Energy cutoff (ECO) device
  • Blocked vent shut-off system

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Unit equipped for propane gas
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 321 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel burners
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel drip pan
  • Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision
  • Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision and timed lockout
  • Two-stage controls
  • Electronic modulation - 50%-100% firing rate
  • Mechanical modulation
  • Burner air shutters (required on units equipped with propane gas)
  • Terminal blocks for connecting field wiring
  • 208/230/460-volt alternate supply voltage
  • Right side controls (facing airstream)

Optional Features - Field Installed

  • Single-stage thermostat
  • Two-stage thermostat
  • Electronic room override (makeup air applications only)
  • Thermostat guard with locking cover
  • Manual shut-off valve and union
  • Power venter with venter adapter
  • Condensate drain flange kit
  • Disconnect switch (UL Listed)

2 Files


Duct Heater Marketing Catalog
Duct Heater Marketing Catalog
Download File
595.3 kB
General Product Brochure
Overview brochure covering the Reznor product line.
Download File
2.3 MB

Technical Data
1 File

Technical Data

Catalog - Duct Heater
Duct heater catalog
Download File
1.3 MB

16 Files


Unit Installation Manual - X
Installation manual for Model X
Download File
1.3 MB
Parts Manual - X & XE
Parts manual for duct furnace Model X & discontinued Model XE.
Download File
1.2 MB
Option - Installation - Power Venter - Model X
Instructions for installing optional power venter for Model X
Download File
470.2 kB
Parts Manuals - Functional Replacement Fan/Blower Controls and Limit Controls
 Parts manual for functional replacement fan/blower controls and limit controls
Download File
270.0 kB
Field Service - Carryover Lighter Tube
Instructions and parts for carryover lighter tube
Download File
792.9 kB
Parts Manuals - Pilots - Parts manual
Functional replacement pilots
Download File
2.5 MB
Parts Manuals - Replacement Ignition System and Gas Valves
Replacement ignition system and gas valves by serial number code and Maxitrol system components by serial number suffix
Download File
1.5 MB
Conversion Info - Gas Conversion - Various Models
Gas conversion parts and instructions for various Reznor units
Download File
598.1 kB
Conversion Info - Ignition Conversion Kit - Model X
Ingition conversion kit for Model X
Download File
185.5 kB
Option - Installation - Replacement for Discontinued Fan Control
Replacement kit for discontinued fan control, applies to duct furnaces and air handling systems with a Thermocore® heat exchanger
Download File
238.6 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - W9
Replacement kit for propane valve with serial number code W9
Download File
137.2 kB
Field Service - Ignition Control Replacement - Duct Heaters
Replacement kit for ignition control for Models X and SC
Download File
164.2 kB
Field Service - Ignition Control Replacement - Various Models
Ignition control replacement kit for pilot code 62, 63, 65, 66, & 84 (found in first set of digitis of serial number)
Download File
239.2 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M8, U8, U9
Replacement kit for propane valve with serial number code M8, U8, or U9
Download File
127.1 kB
Field Service - Repl Kits for Amplifier in Electronic Modulation
Replacement kits for Maxitrol Amplifier Options AG7, AG8, AG9
Download File
262.8 kB
Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
Download File
352.3 kB

Other Files
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Other Files

Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
Download File
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